Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LA Weekly: Avalon Celebrates 7th Birthday with Paul Oakenfold

Avalon Hollywood recently celebrated it's 7th birthday for being one of the hottest clubs in LA. LA Weekly was there to catch all the activities and the amazing performances by Paul Oakenfold and his 14 year old protege KiD DJ. To read how the party went, in case you weren't there, click here

MTV: Kaskade & Skylar Grey "Room For Happiness" One Of Her Greatest Song Yet

MTV caught up with Skylar Grey and Kaskade to talk about their song "Room For Happiness" on Kaskade's upcoming album Fire & Ice. Grey called it "one of her best songs yet". To read the full article and watch of video from the studio, click here

Ibiza Time: Culprit and Their Impact on Music

Culprit are the Los Angeles-based record label that combines home-grown US talent with like-minded friends across the globe. Run by Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe, a dynamic trio of DJs and producers known as Droog, the imprint has made serious waves amongst the global deep house and techno community over the last few years....full article can be read here

Time Out Chicago Talks to Pete Tong Celebrating 20 Years at BBC

Pete Tong is celebrating his 20th Anniversary at the BBC. TIme Out Chicago sat down with Pete to talk about some of his greatest moments over the past 20 years. To read the full article, click here

NPR: Electronic Music Festival featuring Kaskade

NPR took the time to talk to America's #1 DJ, Kaskade, and talked about the impact that the new electronic festival scene is having on the American public. They also discuss the negative connotation that the media is giving to these amazing experiences. To read the full article, click here

LA Weekly Avalon Control Influence on Skrillex

LA Weekly recently talked to local LA producer Skrillex and how he got to this level of stardom. Skrillex talks about what a big influence Avalon Control was in helping him start off his career and help make him the super star that he is today. To read the entire article click here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pete Tong Announces US Tour

Kicks Off October 13 Hitting San Diego, Miami, Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, LA and more

Pete Tong is unquestionably one of dance music’s biggest and most respected names. Across all corners of the globe his name is synonymous with the very best cutting edge electronic music and talent. His club and festival gigs from Ibiza to London, Brazil to Barcelona have become the stuff of legend. In addition Pete Tong hosts the world’s most listened to electronic music radio shows on BBC Radio One, where this year he celebrated 20 years at the station with a ground breaking 12 hour take-over of the station.

Droog gives their beats for the Summer

Droog met up with Beatportal to give them the low down on what some of their favorite records are right now. The LA based trio gave the scoop of what they are listening too and what makes each track special to them. To find out what the tracks are, click here

Tom Middleton gives tour of Yotel in New York

Tom Middleton took a break from his busy schedule of being resident DJ at Yotel, to give us a tour of the vicinity. Societte Perrier was there to film the entire tour. To take a look at what a great place Yotel is, click here

Drop the Lime, Huoratron, and Alex Metric deliver at Control

To end the September season of Control, Avalon brought in one unique combination of performers for the night. Alex Metric, Drop the Lime, and Huoratron all came on stage and gave amazing performances for a croup of eager ready patrons. To read about the concert and to check out the pictures, click here

Culprit's Last Rooftop Session of the Season

The season has come to an end. Culprit's Rooftop Sessions at the Standard Hotel have ended for the year. But what a way to ended. Martin Buttrich had the people jumping and enjoying the evening. To look at pictures and to read the Q&A with Martin, click here

Crosstown Rebels Get Lost at Miami's Art Basel

The Crosstown Rebels crew is heading back to Miami for the Get Lost Miami Party at the Electric Pickle. Headed by Damian Lazarus, the party is going to be taking place during Art Basel, the world famous art show that takes over Miami for one weekend a year. To get the low down and tickets to the event, click here