Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Jacko.

He will be dearly missed. A true musical icon. When asked recently if he could still do the moonwalk he replied, "Why wouldn't I be able to?" It's a real tragedy the world will never again get to see him 'cut the rug'.

Enjoy him demonstrating exactly what a Superbowl performance is all about...

Do Ho Suh

If you don’t know who this amazing Korean born artist is then you should definitely go and check out his brilliant ‘Fallen Star’ piece (pictured above), currently on show at LACMA as part of the our Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea exhibition. More on the excellent Do Ho Suh here.

Damian Lazarus 'Smoke the Monster Out'

Damian Lazarus’ bold and excellent debut artist album ‘smoke the monster out’ now on Get Physical. Check out his artist profile here in XLR8R magazine.

Hot Natured.

The debut EP from Culprit introduces Hot Natured, a new project from Jamie Jones and L.A. resident Lee Foss. A modern take on classic and future music, with the party always in mind, Hot Natured has already been turning heads with its debut parties at this year’s DEMF and WMC. First paired in London and reunited via Los Angeles, Culprit is delighted to give you Hot Natured’s debut EP ‘h.e.a.d.s.’

Culprit Sessions at the Standard Downtown!

Welcome to Infamous PR

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