Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iTunes - Download Kaskade's 'Turn It Down'

Today, producer, songwriter, and DJ Kaskade, aka Ryan Raddon, has just released his newest single 'Turn It Down (Feat. Rebecca & Fiona)' on iTunes. The track is intense. Any true fan will love the track right away. And don't forget that the new album will be dropping later this year! To download the track, go here

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pichfork - Benoit & Sergio "Around the World" Premiere

Pitchfork has the new Benoit & Sergio video "Around the World" which is their take on the ever famous Daft Punk song. To pay witness to this video, click here

Anthem - Q&A with DJ Harvey

Anthem magazine played some catch up with DJ Harvey. They did a little Q&A session, where Anthem asked DJ Harvey about his Australian tour, his relationship with Thomas Bullock, and why Maurice Fulton was in the wedding dress. The answer to all these questions and more can be found here

Wall Street Journal - Q&A with Fayboy Slim

The Wall Street Journal took the time to do a little Q&A with the one and only Fatboy Slim asking him about his Big Beach Boutique party on Governor's Island and lots more. Read the full interview here

PopMatters- 20 Questions with Pete Tong

Ever wanted to play 20 Questions with someone? Ever want to play 20 Questions with Pete Tong? Well PopMatters beat you to it. FInd out what Pete's hidden talent is, his ideal brain food, and what book made him cry last. All this and more right here

Beatportal - Benoit & Sergio Around the World Video

Benoit & Sergio just did a remix of Daft Punk's 'Around the World'. The video for it can be seen right here

SPIN - Fatboy Slim's Top Ten Songs of Summer

SPIN Magazine asked world-reknown Fatboy Slim what his Top 10 Songs of Summer are. You might be surprised by some of his choices. To get the full list, click here

Pitchfork - Album Review Kate Simko: Lights Out

Pitchfork took the time to review Kate Simko's new album 'Lights Out'. Pitchfork took a special liking to 'Beneath' and 'Mind On You'. To read the full review click here

MTV Hive - Nicloas Jaar First Look

MTV Hive did a first look at who Nicolas Jaar is. With a brief little bio, the full story is recorded on camera and is on the page for you to enjoy. To watch the video click here

Time Out Chicago - Visionquest Comes of Age

Detroit-based Visionquest are "comes of age" as Time Out Chicago calls it. Visionquest did a interview with Time Out Chicago about their goals and aspirations, what is happening with them right now, and what they see from their future, all from Skype while they have been partying it up in Ibiza. To read the full article, click here

LA Times - Damian Lazarus offers Burning Man Mix, Crosstown Rebels' L.A. gig

Damian Lazarus has been all around the electronica music industry. So the L.A. Times did a article that included a look at the Crosstown Rebels' party to celebrate the release of 'Rebel Rave' and also Damian's own mix 'Get Lost 4'. To read all about this and his fascination with Burning Man, click here

Las Vegas City Life - Q&A With Peter Tong

City Life went on a little trip with Peter Tong asking him some questions regarding his idea of Las Vegas becoming the new Ibiza, his participation in the Identity Festival, and whether or not he fancies some dub-step. To find out all this and more, read the full article here

KCRW - Damian Lazarus Guest DJ Set

Damian Lazarus did a guest DJ set on KCRW. On his set, he gave an advance preview of his mix 'Get Lost 4' coming out September 13. You can listen to the advance preview and the entire set here

BigShot - Review of Get Lost 4 Mixed by Damian Lazarus

BigShot took a look at the new Get Lost 4 CD, released by Crosstown Rebels, and mixed by Damian Lazarus. BigShot praises the way that Damian Lazarus graduates from the Crosstown sound and love the way that he gets you into the music. Read the full article here

CMJ - Electric Zoo Sunday Review with Nicolas Jaar

CMJ reviews the Sunday events Electric Zoo. The article states that Nicolas Jaar was one of THE BEST performances of the day. Read all that they had to say about the praise of Nicolas Jaar here

Village Voice - Benoit & Sergio Q&A

The Village Voice wanted to get into the life that is being Benoit & Sergio. In this Q&A they go for a look at the beginning of Benoit & Sergio, whether they are "sober" for the creation process, and also talking about the release of their "Around the World" remix. Read the entire article here

Magnetic Magazine - Jamie Jones and Fabric Teaming Up

Magnetic Magazine did an article about the upcoming compilation CD of Jamie Jones' mixes from Fabric located in London. He talks about the impact that Fabric had on his life and music. Get an in depth look at it here

Time Out New York - Nicolas Jaar Q&A

Time Out New York did an one-on-one interview with Nicolas Jaar diving in depth to his connection between school and music, playing with his band and solo career, and his upcoming performance at Electric Zoo. Read all about it here

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NPR The Beginning of "Electronica" in America feat. Fatboy Slim

Wanna learn about the beginning of Electronica in America and how it came to become the huge phenomenon that it is now? Well NPR did the whole history of it for ya. With interviews for artists including The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim. Read the entire article here