Friday, July 8, 2011

Skruff - Interview with Tom Middleton

"Elevating Elevator Music," Tom Middleton is redesigning music's role in architecture and interior design with a revolutionary installation in New York's boutique hotel "Yotel."
Check out the interview HERE

digi10ve - Interview with Joachim Garraud

digi10ve gets a pretty comprehensive interview with Joachim Garraud, covering his childhood and early career, his relationship with the global superstar David Guetta, and his plans to 'invade' the US.
Check out the article HERE

LA Weekly - Joachim Garraud Mix Download

LA Weekly abandons the David Guetta bandwagon and vouches for Joachim Garraud, "who, we would venture, is less cheesy, more bangin' -- as in relentless, acidic, full-throttle house music.." Check out the article and a free mixtape from Joachim HERE

Societe Perrier - Joachim Garraud Interview

Societe Perrier sits down with Joachim Garraud for some sparkling conversation about keytars, live DJing, and David Bowie. Check it out HERE